November WasteZero Newsletter

Boston TV News Covers Growth of Pay-as-You-Throw
CBS affiliate reports on the program’s growing popularity throughout Massachusetts. Read more here.

Plymouth, Mass., Marks First Anniversary of Successful Pay-as-You-Throw Program
The town has cut trash by 44% and saved $83,000. Read more here.

First Month of Waterville, Maine, Pay-as-You-Throw Program Exceeds Initial Projections
Waterville, Maine, has cut trash by 55% and is on track to save $181,000 in its first year—both figures ahead of the city’s expectations. Read more here.

National Magazine Profiles Pay-as-You-Throw
An article in Livability looks at pay-as-you-throw’s “big inroads” around the U.S. in recent years. Read more here.

WasteZero Partner Community Dartmouth, Mass., Wins Municipal Sustainability Award
The town has been awarded the Community Sustainability Program Excellence Award from the International City/County Management Association, in part for the success of its pay-as-you-throw program. Read more here.

Article by WasteZero President Argues for a Common Waste Reduction Measurement
In a column in MSW Management magazine, WasteZero President Mark Dancy makes the case that the most effective way to measure municipal waste reduction is to adopt a standard metric of pounds per capita disposed. Read more here.

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