“Our Garbage Collection System Is the Best I Have Found”

The city of Plantation, Florida, has one of the longest-running pay-as-you-throw programs around–and it’s well-loved by the people who use and benefit from it. Just last year, a survey of residents participating in the city’s blue-bag program found 70% approval for it. (That’s a finding, by the way, in line with the conclusions in Public Policy Polling’s survey of PAYT participants earlier this year–they found 79% favorability for the program.)

But that support isn’t anything new. Here’s a letter we stumbled across recently, from a happy resident to the mayor, written in 1978:


Mayor Veltri
City Hall

Dear Mayor

During my wanderings the last 70 years, I have lived in about 20 cities

Our garbage collection system is the best I have found for 3 reasons

The one that has the most garbage pays the most

When you are away and have no garbage – no pay

When they pick up the streets are clean, no empty cans on the berm for days –

HR Stephens

Plantation Florida Pay-as-You-Throw Letter

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